2013/14 Class Registration

  THANK-YOU!! JA reached a record 20,000 students last year!

Deadline for 2013/14 classes is June 12. (If you had a JA program this school year, you get first crack at programs for next year!)

Changes for greater student experience!

  • 3 NEW programs  
  • New technology incorporated into your program (smart board technology and online financial literacy modules for grade 9 EFS)
  • Elementary programs are now offered in a one day format
  • New volunteer training process to ensure enhanced volunteer/student experiences

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Why bring JA into your class?

Junior Achievement is the only organization that teaches entrepreneurship, work readiness, AND financial literacy to students at
all levels of the school system. Junior Achievement maximizes student potential by exposing them to real-life business leaders that teach tangible and relevant lessons in order to prepare them for success in the global economy.

Here are four more reasons:

  1. WE PROVIDE ONGOING LEARNING- The business lessons that Junior Achievement teaches supplement the education curriculum through grades 3 to 12.
  2. WE ARE IN THE CLASSROOM - The Junior Achievement program is easy for teachers and schools to implement.
  3. WE ARE CONNECTED TO INDUSTRY EXPERTS - Junior Achievement adds value to the student’s education, better preparing them for the future.
  4. WE HAVE MEASURABLE IMPACT - The Junior Achievement program is taught by industry experts and business leaders to better engage students with real-life experience.

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Work Readiness Junior Achievement graduates are better prepared for the workforce, allowing them to accelerate their career path because they are highly skilled and more productive employees.

Entrepreneurship Junior Achievement students develop the core business skills necessary to become successful and creative business leaders of the future.

Financial Literacy Junior Achievement students learn basic financial concepts, when to spend, when to save, and how to effectively manage a budget.

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