The JA Business Basics Series

Grade 3 -Our Community: Needs, Jobs, Tools. (4 hours)

Studies the difference between needs and wants while discovering the variety of jobs in our community. Explores the money circle and the tools and technology used in certain jobs. Read more...

Grade 4 -Technology & Innovation. (4 hours)

Explains the impact technology and Canadian inventors have on business and societies around the world. Explores industrial changes due to technology and what might be in store for the future. Read more...

Grade 5 -Our Business World. (4 hours)

Introduces the business world by focusing on the basic free enterprise concepts of operations, manufacturing, management and marketing. Read more...

Grade 6 -A Business of Our Own. (5 x 1 hr. lessons)

Building on previous lessons and concepts, the opportunity is now at hand to apply their knowledge gleaned from above programs to operate their own retail business. Read more...


Grade 8- JA Dollars with Sense (Half day)

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The Dollars with Sense program is a 4 hour program delivered at the school or at the JA Center. This is an interactive program designed to encourage grade 8 students to develop the financial literacy necessary to make informed decisions about their financial futures. Students learn about budgeting, money management and investments. Dollars with Sense is made available to students through the cooperative efforts of businesses and schools. 

Grade 9- JA Economics For Success (Full day)

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This is a one-day seminar designed to help Junior High students understand the importance of an education and the personal and economic costs of dropping out of school. Grade nine students are either making course decisions that will affect their post-secondary education, or perhaps thinking that a high school diploma will allow them the career path of their choice. The students who attend an Economics for Success seminar are encouraged to see education as an opportunity to broaden their life choices. Read more...

Grade 8-9- JA Investment Strategies Program (4 x 1 hr lessons)

The JA Investment Strategies Program (ISP) is an e-learning opportunity, consisting of classroom activities and an online stock market simulation. Students will develop financial strategies, and use technology for several pre-simulation activities before participating in the on-line simulation. Read more...


Grade 9 to 12 - The JA Company Program (18 weeks)

The Company Program is an after-school program, designed for high school students, that provides an opportunity for young people to better understand how businesses are developed, organized, managed and operated. By starting and operating an actual business enterprise, students not only learn how businesses function, they also learn about the structure of the Canadian economic system and the benefits it provides.

Grade 10 to 12 - Success Skills (4 x 75 min lessons)

Success Skills provides engaging, academically enriching, and experiential learning in work readiness education. Students learn how to resolve conflict, work cooperatively, present themselves professionally and 16 other essential skills.

Grade 10 to 12 - Be Entrepreneurial (4 x 1 hr lessons)

Be Entrepreneurial focuses in challenging students, through interactive classroom activities, to start their own entrepreneurial venture while still in school.